Zenna Wellness Studio Brings Yoga, Zumba, and Pottery to Berlin, MD

Every new business has a story, essentially why a great idea has come to fruition in a very tangible way.  In the case of the soon-to-be-open Zenna Wellness Studio, it’s the story of three creative and spirited friends who bring three new facets—Yoga, Zumba, and pottery, to Berlin, MD.

It all starts somewhere

Two of the ladies behind Zenna Wellness Studio, Cate Nellans and Chrissy Ehrhart-Knight taught Zumba together at Energy Gym in Fenwick Island, DE. Both currently live in Berlin, MD, a small town that happens to be experiencing it’s own Renaissance in the form of an influx of new restaurants and businesses—the perfect time to join in that kind of entrepreneurial energy. Nellans and Ehrhart-Knight began looking at potential spaces. Joined one day by Jessie Martin, who was simply along to offer support—the perfect multi-purpose spot was found.

Initially the Main Street location appeared to be an ideal room for a yoga studio. The space was then revealed to have a second room that leant itself quite well to Zumba, and a third and final large garage room would be the perfect space for Martin, a potter (and yoga enthusiast)—who, as it turns out, was now going to be an integral part of the new business.

What initially started as search for a Zumba studio has now transformed into multi-purpose business and facility offering Yoga, Zumba, pottery demonstrations and eventually classes, and a host of other holistic workshops and opportunities. The space will also showcase monthly-featured artists. It’s the kind of concept that will blend quite well into the artistic town.

“Art and yoga go so well together. They are one in the same, very complementary. Berlin is a town that promotes the arts. We wanted to be an integral part of the community,” explained Martin.

“We [also] wanted to be a part of the progressive alternative healing movement that is happening in Berlin right now,” furthered Ehrhart-Knight.

Classes and Workshops

Zenna Wellness is offering Aerial Yoga—a practice that uses a yoga “hammock” which hangs from the ceiling, and is the only facility in the entirety of the Eastern Shore to do so.

“We will have two classes. One will be a restorative class where the hammock is used to support people in their moves, enabling them to be able to do much more advanced postures, sooner. The other will be like a flying class,” said Martin, (who can be seen hanging upside down from a hammock in the photo).

Lora Cole, who has been a yoga instructor for nine years, will be teaching Hatha Vinyasa classes twice a week.

“[You] start with breath work, follow with postures to strengthen and stretch, and cool down with relaxation. It’s Vinyasa because it flows with sequencing and breath,” explained Cole.

Deb Rolig will also be teaching Hatha yoga classes. Jessica Megary will be leading Yoga Nidra workshops. Yoga Nidra, like a yogic sleep and form of guided meditation is extremely relaxing. 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is said to be equivalent to three hours of deep sleep.

Additional forthcoming workshops will include raw food lessons, Acro (partner) Yoga and Aerial Yoga. Zenna Wellness Studio is also open to community suggestions. A birdcage in the reception area is meant for people to write down and deposit their wish lists for future classes and workshops.

Zumba classes will be taught by Cate Nellans and Sabrina Palazzo. Zumba is a high-energy form of aerobic exercise using the entire body that fuses together various forms of dance resulting in hundreds of calories burned per hour. And it’s fun to do.

“Zumba is a party – it’s not your Jane Fonda step aerobics. It incorporates Bollywood and Latin dancing. It’s easy to follow along, and you don’t need to know choreography ahead of time,” said Nellans.

Nellans also explained that Zumba is appropriate for any age. In the future children’s Zumba classes will be offered. In the meantime parents are welcome to bring children (of an appropriate age), with them to class.

In the fall, look for Zenna Wellness Studio to add even more classes including Children’s Yoga, Hot Yoga (which may end up on the class schedule even sooner), Parent and Child Yoga, and additional Aerial Yoga classes.

Opening Reception

Zenna Wellness Studio will be hosting a soft opening during the Friday June 8th, Bridal Arts Stroll in Berlin, MD. Zumba, Aerial, other various forms of yoga and pottery demonstrations are planned. Live music will be provided by Phil and Otto from The Galaxy Collective. The works of current featured artists Michael Graham, Debbi Dean-Colley and Crystal Collins will be on display. Dean-Colley will also be serving her raw vegan hors ‘doeuvres. Tours of the studio will be offered, gift certificates and memberships will be available for purchase.

The summer special, available at the soft opening on June 8th, is a capped membership of $90 for three months, expiring September 11th. It includes unlimited classes. Workshops are not included. Zenna offers at least 10 classes per week, amounting to less than $1 per class, with the summer membership.

Current hours are determined by the class and workshop schedule. For a complete class schedule and location information visit the Zenna Wellness Studio website.

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