Berlin’s First Barter Fair: Hosted By Grateful Living Homestead & Zenna Wellness Studio.

barter fair

Bartering: is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money.

This kind of trading is far and few on the Eastern Shore, or in the country for that matter. In today’s economy, where mostly everything is available for purchase, WITH MONEY (and lots of it)… bartering is pretty much nonexistent. Well, local businesses, Grateful Living Homestead and Zenna Wellness Studio are hosting Berlin’s first ever Barter Fair this Friday, December 12th beginning at 6PM. You’re probably wondering what Grateful Living Homestead is, well, Lisa Lilley and her daughters are Berlin natives and run a homestead where everything is wholesome. “This is just such a great way to be sustainable for Christmas and be more community minded,” said Lisa Lilley.  Through their passions, they teach others around them how to live a life of simple pleasures. Their motto: by learning some incredible techniques that can be carried through our own lives, you can create your own affordable, organic and whole products for your family. Some examples: whole grains, soap making, fermenting techniques, sprouting, yogurt and cheese making, felting, healing salves and so much more.  The Lilley’s are experts in these fields and host classes for you and your loved ones to attend, in the hopes of teaching you new and easy ways to live a more wholesome life . “We’re all just hoping it morphs into something much bigger and becomes a daily community effort,” said Lilley.

“We had a family stay with us from Frederick, and they always talked about the barter fairs they attended up there,” said Lilley. “One thing turned into another and it was just an idea that stuck, we believe it will be something unique for the community.” Zenna Wellness Studio is hosting the unique event, because of their passion for locally, homemade gifts. The fair, going on from 6PM-9PM, will allow local artisans, retailers, bakers and crafters to showcase their goods. Those in the service industry can bring their business’s gift certificates to barter and trade with others in the community. Those coming are encouraged to trade handmade items, vintage wares, homemade foods and skills or services with others in the community. There will be demos of letter pressing and great live music! “There is going to be an array of things so it’s hard to pin it all down,” said Lilley. “You can literally barter anything!”

The event is set up with tables and strollers, those who do crafts as a hobby, including things such as jewelry and crochet are encouraged to display their creations at a table. Many others will opt for strollers. Rav Derocco will be strolling the event with her buttons and math tutoring services. Grateful Living Homestead will present many of their items, such as soaps, salves, ointments, yarn and buttons. Christie McDowell of the Good Farm will be there with produce, like organic potatoes, garlic and different seeds. In addition, Grateful Shreads, Garments and Threads will be trading 100% recycled,wearable art clothing.  Sharon Carson of Sharon’s Natural Gardens is unable to come but has things to barter, such as: black walnuts, luffa sponges, handmade baskets, herbal tinctures, jellies, wine, winter squash, seeds, plants and classes on her farm. Mon Reve Farm will bring hand-painted gifts and herb blends, Grateful Living Homestead is asking vendors with larger items to call ahead and reserve a table. If you don’t have anything to trade, no problem, participants may also use cash as a form of bartering.

Items for trade: Handmade items, vintage wares, homemade foods, skills or services with others in your community.

Skills & Services: Gift certificates for- cleaning, babysitting, music lessons, classes, consultations and much more. (Be creative!)

This is an awesome event that hasn’t happened in our area before, so we encourage you to check it out… as it’s also Berlin’s 2nd Friday Art Stroll! This is also a great opportunity to find unique holiday gifts for the ones you love!

If you are interested in saving a space for your businesses, email: with a list of items/services.

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